Welcome to our

Comte de Paris Decendants

We represent 33 families that arrived into Akaroa onboard the Comte de Paris in 1840


Our Comte de Paris AGM will be held on Sunday 11th June 2023, at the Village Presbyterian Hall (cnr of Papanui Road & Frank Street), Christchurch. The meeting starts a 2pm, followed by afternoon tea. Come along and hear about this year’s achievements. All welcome.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to our Comte de Paris Descendants group

Are you part of our family….. Do you have any of these names in your history

Benoit  –   Bernard  –   Bouriaud  –   Breitmeyer   –  Cebert   –  Chardin  –   David  –   Dulac –   Dupas  –   Eteveneaux  –   Fleuret   –  Francois   –  Gendrot   –  Guindon   –  Gurtner   –  Hahn  –   Haulme  –   Hettich  –  Jotereau  –   Jouy  –   Le Duc   –  LeLievre  –   Libeau   –  De Malmanche  –   Masse  –   Michel  –   Pigoulet  –   Rousselot  –   Veron  –   Vidal  –   Waeckerle  –   Walter  –   Wooll

Current Projects

We have recently been beautifying the cemeteries at Akaroa with plantings of spring bulbs.

Akaroa Cemeteries Project –  working with the Christchurch City Council to build a Memorial Entrance to honor the early settlers. We are working on the finishing touches.

Headstone project – we are lobbying the City Council to assist with restoring our settler headstones, and are working with the ‘Friends of the Akaroa Museum’ to record all the historic Akaroa headstones and make the information available.

Unveiling of the Waeckerle restored headstone at the 180th reunion weekend – Akaroa 2021

Why you need to join us…

We are an Incorporated Society run by volunteers. Your membership helps preserve and protect our history.

Membership gives you…

  • Access to resources
  • Connect with other family members
  • 4 newsletters per year
  • Group membership of the NZ Society of Geanealogists
  • Involvement in Family History events
  • Be involved in projects to protect our history

facebook-logo-2019Visit our FaceBook page, this is a chat page only. 

Acceptance onto the Facebook page doesn’t constitute full paid membership to the Comte de Paris Descendants Group.  It is open to the public and a good way of keeping in touch.  

Protecting our knowledge and archives of years gone by
for our future generations...
1940 Centennial Celebrations (Photo from Shuttleworth Collection)