About Us

About Us

What we do….

Preserving the heritage of the French and German families who landed at Akaroa from the ship Comte de Paris in August 1840.

As a group we aim to encourage the preservation and knowledge of the heritage of the Akaroa families. We celebrate the National days of both France and Germany as well as participate in the celebration of the Akaroa French Fest.

We are striving to establish and maintain an archive of information, family certificates and other documents of significance to our members. We are also developing links between different family groups in France and Germany and also a relationship with the community of Akaroa, and those interested in the heritage of the area.

Our Committee

Linda Sunderland, de Malmanche/LeLievre – Chairperson
Kerry Kearney, de Malmanche/LeLievre – Treasurer
Sal McPherson, Breitmeyer – Secretary
Averil Carpenter, deMalmanche – Facebook
Suzanne Wilson, de Malmanche/LeLievre – Website
Andrew Sharpe, deMalmanche – Newsletter
Helen Stewart, Libeau – Merchandise
Tracy Te Hemi, deMalmanche
Bev Wilson, Breitmeyer
Jo Wilson, Breitmeyer
Leone Fuller, Libeau
Ray Sinclair, deMalmanche

Victor LeLievre (in gig -nineth child of Francoise & Jule LeLievre) and wife Ethel (tall black & white hat) Family picnic at Slacks Valley 1914.