Our current and past


Our current and past projects…

Together we have been able to achieve some great projects. This has been able to happen with the great help from Comte de Paris members and the wider Akaroa community.

Cemetery Walkway

In conjunction with the Christchurch City Council we have installed further steps and are still working on a hand rail down the side of the Discenters Cemetery. We were kindly been donated hardwood sleepers to use as steps.

‘180 Year Anniversary Weekend’

A very sucessful weekend held on the 26-28th March in Akaroa celebrating the arrival of our ancesters 180 years ago. We had close to 200 attending with many families represented. Many enjoyed the walking tours, dinner and unveiling of 3 restored headstones. The Akaroa Museum also joined in the celebrations with a temporary exhibition on the ‘Comte de Paris 180’.

Cleared Land

Due to the lack of burial space we have worked hard to clear the spare overgrown land to increase the capacity the Akaroa Cemetery. We are awaiting the land scanning results to seek approval for the extension of burial space..

Heritage Park Project

We have an area to maintain and plant trees in memory of decendants within the Heritage Park. Each tree is recorded. This photo is of Ray Sinclair and the tree was the first planted in memory of his late wife. Ngaire was one of our founding committee members. If you would like further information about planting a memory tree please contact us.

Headstone Restoration

We are working with the City Council to assist with restoring our settler headstones. Many were damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes.

This is a photo of Joseph Mahon De Malmanche grave. Child of Benjamin, died at 2 years old, 23 Septeber 1872. Joseph was a twin. He drowned in a swimming hole at Robinsons Bay where his family were living. He is buried next to his maternal grandparents who lived at Flea Bay. This is the only grave in the cemetery written in French and on the list to be restored.

Cemetery Information Boards

The Comte de Paris group has worked together with the Christchurch City Council to install 3 information boards highlighting the history within the cemeteries. These were installed in time for the 180 Celebration Weekend.

Reprinted ‘The LeLievre Family, Akaroa’

Reprinted with permission with the addition of an index. For a copy please see our ‘Merchandise’ page or contact us.

Join us today to help preserve and keep the knowledge of our history alive…..